History of the Library

In the beginning the ladies of the LaFollette Book Club began an effort for a public library.  Early in 1941 TVA was asked to donate land for a library, with no success for this request.

The first library was located in the office of E.E.Hill on the second floor of People’s Bank.  Citizens were asked to donate books.  Members of the Lafollette Book Club operated the library for a limited number of hours.  The second location for the library was a small room in City Hall on First Street.  When the city needed the room for extra offices, etc, the library was forced to move again.  The library then was housed at the Lafollette Press for a short time.  Guy Easterly and Lansden Hill were instrumental in promoting the idea of a library for the city.  The Book Club was gain instrumental in their efforts and persuaded the City to provide space in the Lafollette Municipal Building on South Tennessee Avenue.

The library continued to grow and, due to the ever increasing use of library services and the growth of library patronage and the advent of the ‘electronic age,’ the library was moved again.  The present location at 201 South 9th Street is an approximately 4,300 square feet facility which opened its doors on August 1, 2012.  The library contains 3 rooms; the main library, the children’s area, and the computer lab.  The children’s area is a large, colorful area which uses an outdoor theme décor.  The main library houses the books, DVDs, audiobooks, videos, playaways, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and 2 OPEC (card catalog) stations.  The public restrooms are also housed in this area.  The computer lab has 9 public access computers, and study areas.  There is a kitchen in the library, and an office for the director.

Free wi-fi service is available for public use, both in the library and in the parking lot.  This service is available 24/7.

The children's room

The children’s room

The 'stacks.'

The ‘stacks.’


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